Prostaatkanker is een kwaadaardige tumor van de prostaat. De prostaat is een klier en bestaat uit klierbuisjes die worden omgeven door spierweefsel en bindweefsel. De prostaat ligt rondom de urinebuis. Kwaadaardige prostaattumoren zijn meestal adenocarcinomen, die ontstaan in kliercellen in het prostaatweefsel. Slechts 5% van de kwaadaardige prostaattumoren ontstaat elders in de prostaat (in het steun- bind- of vaatweefsel).

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Prostaatkanker symptomen:

  • Zwakke of onderbroken urinestraal
  • Regelmatig moeten plassen
  • Moeilijkheden bij het plassen
  • Bloed in urine of zaad
  • Pijn of brandend gevoel bij het plassen
  • Impotent

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Stichting Contactgroep Prostaatkanker |

Call to action to prevent deaths from prostate cancer in Europe!

September 2009 Leading cancer groups unite in call to action in the fight against prostate cancer.  A coalition of influential European advocacy UOMO a professional groups are issuing a call to action, urging the European Parliament to commit to serious steps to reduce the number of men affected by, and dying from prostate cancer, by ensuring timely access to information, care and support services.

The call to action is being launched during European Urology Week, as part of a new campaign, the Proactive Prostates Initiative, at a meeting in Antwerp on 18 September, which is being hosted by Europa Uomo – the European prostate cancer patients organization – and supported by the European Association of Urology (EAU).

Prof Louis Denis of Europa Uomo will be speaking at the meeting, entitled Prostate Cancer: Establishing the Facts – where representatives included European Cancer Patient Coalition, EAU and Members of European Parliament (MEPs) against cancer – about what we can do to combat prostate cancer and stop men dying or living with the burden of the disease. “So much can be done to improve awareness of earlier diagnosis and access to the right resources, services and treatments at the right time”, he says.

Prostate cancer is the third leading cause of death in men across Europe, with more than 300,000 men being diagnosed each year and out of those, one in five will die from the disease. Nearly 2,000 men a day are diagnosed with prostate cancer worldwide, and it is responsible for over 221,000 deaths each year, equivalent to one every two minutes.*

The future for prostate cancer is not a bright one. An increasingly ageing population means that the burdens associated with the disease will also rise, creating serious social and economic consequences.

The coalition is calling for action from society, governments, healthcare professionals and men in adopting a more proactive stance towards prostate cancer to prevent the serious burden of disease and deaths. The public will have the chance to walk through a giant walk-in prostate, available next to the hotel where the event is organised, to obtain more information about this unknown organ.
More information UOMO

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